Where to dock a luxury yacht? In which anchorage can you find a club or a bar on the beach? Yachts are the pleasures of the rich and famous, and a passing yacht, especially one that carries top chefs and a luxurious night club (such as the yacht owned by the famous Russian-born Roman Abramovich), is a fixture on which It is worth the value of the yacht itself.

A stylish seaside resort, an up-to-date port, a classy beach, such yachts need such anchorages to moor and relax. Of course, such anchors are not cheap. In the text that follows, 10 of the most expensive and expensive anchorages where luxury yachts dock are briefly reviewed.

10. Yas Beach Resort in Abu Dhabi: $522 per night

In this resort, which was built on the shore of an artificial island called Yas, an attempt has been made to build a Middle Eastern model of Monaco’s beach resort. This anchorage, which has a capacity of 221 yachts, can accommodate boats with a length of 150 meters. 45 of the mooring capacity of this resort is specifically planned for large pleasure boats. Yas Beach Resort is located next to the Abu Dhabi Formula One Speedway and has an amusement park, water park, numerous restaurants, hotels, and luxurious fountains inside. In 2010, Marina beach resort was awarded the knighthood of the best beach resort and won the award for the best yacht resorts.

9. Port of Gustavia, St. Barth’s: $620 per night

St. Barts, a small and unspoiled resort, seems more unspoiled and simple than its other glitzy beach resorts, which are the destinations of yachts that look like jet planes. In this resort, which is located on the coast of France, the French authorities have established special regulations for construction so that the island can maintain its peace and virginity. St. Barts has a few beautiful hotels, the largest of which has 60 rooms. International stars have always favored this place because of its extra specialness, and about 400 private villas in it are always occupied. Gustavia Harbor is one of the world’s most popular seaside resorts, which is a well-known destination for Christmas holidays and New Year’s celebrations on luxury yachts. Just a few years ago, the famous singer Beyonc√© performed some beautiful songs impromptu at the Nikki Beach Club on the same island during the New Year holidays. Among the famous people who were present at this event, we can mention Jay Z, Usher, Lindsay Lohan and Microsoft founder Paul Allen.

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