If you remember, last week we talked in detail about buying new and used boats. We have also explained the advantages of each to you dear ones.

Today we want to explore other aspects of the topic that we hope will be useful to you.

Expenses you can expect as a new or used boat owner

Whether you decide to buy a new boat or a used boat, the cost of owning a boat is not as high as many people think. Thanks to the options available to finance the purchase of a boat, even with the initial cost of purchase, the average price of a boat is not far out of reach. However, there are many factors to consider and the price of your boat can vary depending on the size and type of boat. This is why it is almost impossible to create an accurate “cost of owning a boat” calculator. If you want to get a complete idea of ​​the “real cost of owning a boat”, you need to consider all of the following.

Upcoming costs and considerations

First, let’s take a look at all the things you have to buy. Once you’ve explored the different types of boats on the market and decided on the right size and style for you and your family, the cost of the boat will become self-evident. (Our “Yacht Buying Guide” can help)

Buying a yacht

Some people are in a position to pay for their boat in full. If this option is possible, this is a great way, because you do not have to pay interest or any kind of fee related to the loan service. Of course, most of us will need financing to buy. But, if you can’t do it, you can search for a boat rental in Toronto or even a jet ski rental in Toronto.

Remember, you can greatly reduce depreciation costs by buying a used boat. Don’t forget, however, that maintenance costs can add up on older boats. Additionally, you will have no guarantee that you will receive support.

Monthly payments

When buying a boat through financing, you need to factor in the monthly costs. These fees vary widely depending on the price of the boat, how much you pay, the interest rate, and other variables.


In many cases, especially in the case of small boats, the trailer is added to the purchase price of the boats. However, in the long run, buying a trailer can save you money. If you can park your boat at home, you can avoid other costs such as boat parking fees and other marine fees. Often, in the case of smaller boats, trailers are included in a trailer-motor-boat price package. But, if you forget about money for a few moments, you will realize that using a trailer you can go to new ports and experience different adventures in different waterways; A capacity that many people consider its value to be calculable.

Boat delivery

Depending on when and where you buy the boat, the cost of moving the boat is one thing you may need to consider. Handling and delivery are often included in the initial price of the boat when making a new purchase by many sellers. will be But if you have ordered a new boat with your specific specifications or if it is a case where the delivery place is located in a far place, be sure to include the cost of moving it in your calculations.

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