Buy a new boat, or buy a used boat? This is a difficult question for a boat buyer, especially if it is a first time purchase. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all up to you: your taste, budget and mechanical abilities all factor into this choice.

What makes you happier? A brand new boat or a smart bargain? Some say a sweet deal is a used yacht purchased from a trusted dealer, but the decision is yours. Here are some effective factors.

Advantages of buying a new boat

Who doesn’t love a shiny new toy? By buying it, you don’t need to worry about how to use or abuse the boat, or how to maintain it in winter and summer. There is no history to discover, because you will write the history of this boat.

– You can buy exactly what you want, not just what is available on the used boat market. You will receive the latest and greatest technologies and innovations.

– If something goes wrong, you have the manufacturer’s warranty to back you up. This warranty is provided by the sales representative and is a good reason to shop near you.

– You can drive it with the latest equipment that is precisely selected for its purpose. Unless, a combination of a boat and motor with the lowest power offered will satisfy you.

– You don’t have to answer the most controversial question: Why is this used boat for sale?

Advantages of buying a used boat

By buying a used boat, you get a better boat for less dollars, paying less each year of ownership. If you decide that a different style or size of boat would serve you better, you can do so more easily.

– It may sound funny, but it can be comforting to know that you’re not the one making the first dent or ding on your boat.

– Any basic faults and defects in the boat or its engine have most likely appeared and been fixed. Do a sea inspection to be sure and before signing. Marine experts see what you can’t see and look where you don’t. Inspect first, then smile and enter the deal, lower the price, make a to-do list, or walk away from the deal.

– You use technologies that have stood the test of time. If a manufacturer has produced a not-so-good boat or engine, the Internet and other sources will let you know.

– You can choose a sales method (buying method) that suits you, from direct transaction (direct purchase from the boat owner) to using trading or intermediary companies that have their own costs but usually have the privilege of maintenance facilities and providing repair services; You can also buy from a private seller, who are usually highly motivated.

Next week we will discuss this choice in detail. You can also look for a boat rental in Toronto or jet ski rental in Toronto.

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