In our last articles we tried to introduce 2 popular video games which are related to jet skiing.

Today we are going to continue these series of articles.

Jet X20

Platform: PlayStation 2

If you are looking for a jet ski race with crazy tricks, exciting routes and many secret routes, the Jet X20 is definitely worth a try. The Jet X20 has 8 weird routes to compete and its racing is very exciting. Each of the playable characters has its own character and has a unique trick that can be performed by filling a special bar. The game’s graphics and physics are not good by today’s standards at all, but when the title was released for the PlayStation 2 console, the graphics looked great. The limited number of tracks and the low variety of techniques and tricks that the characters can perform, make the gameplay quickly boring. It is not bad to know that an SSX version of this game was also released, which, of course, could not attract the attention of the audience due to poor content and low quality.
Note: The image above was taken in HD via the emulator, and the original game on the PlayStation 2 did not have such quality.

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia

Platform: Switche, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is another jet skiing game that is known above all for its high variety of routes, exciting and breathtaking racing, as well as the large number of racing tracks. The gameplay is very diverse and is somewhat reminiscent of Wave Race. The thrill of playing Aqua Moto when competing online with other players or competing with friends in the form of a split page is much greater and it is doubly fun. Aqua Moto controls are a bit tricky compared to the recently released jet ski titles (like Riptide GP: Renegade) and you will need a bit of practice to get used to it. The game’s graphics are very interesting and beautiful in some cases, such as water design, but in most cases, the textures are very ugly and of poor quality. Despite the poor graphics, the frame rate of the game is not very high and from time to time we encounter a noticeable drop in frames. The main campaign of the game is fun, but you will realize its real pleasure when you do your best to win the gold medal in all directions. This is very difficult due to the super artificial intelligence of the game and creates a lot of excitement. All in all, with all the disadvantages we have listed for this game, Aqua Moto is still a fun and exciting jet ski game that is definitely worth playing.

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