Swimming is the skill or sport of staying afloat and moving in the water. Swimming means moving humans, animals without any outside help in the water. Learning to swim, in addition to strengthening the body, will save a person’s life in an emergency and a sudden fall into the water. Many animals are instinctively able to swim at birth; But man must learn to swim.

History of swimming in the world

Archaeological evidence shows that swimming and swimming date back to 2500 BC in the Egyptian civilization and later in the civilizations of Assyria, Greece and ancient Rome. What we know from the history of swimming training is based on the findings we have obtained from the “pictorial letters” of Egyptian hieroglyphs. The ancient Greeks and Romans made swimming one of their most important military training programs, and like the alphabet, it was a teaching material for men. Swimming in the East dates back to the first century BC. Japan is a place where there is evidence of swimming competitions. In the seventeenth century, swimming was compulsory in schools by official government order.

Swimming Competitions

Organized swimming competitions were formed in the 19th century before Japan entered the Western world. Pacific coastal people are said to have taught children to swim when they walked or even earlier. There are signs of occasional fights among the ancient Greeks, and one of the most famous Greek boxers included swimming as a practice in his sports program. The Romans built the first swimming pools, and it is said that in the 1st century BC, Gaius Mason, political scientist Caesar Augustus of Rome, built the first hot springs.

Swimming in Europe

Some consider the reluctance of Europeans to swim in the Middle Ages to be a fear of the spread of infection and contagious diseases. Treatment is used. Of course, swimming did not find a place among the people as a pastime and sport until the nineteenth century. When the first swimming organization was established in 1837, there were six indoor swimming pools in the British capital, London, equipped with diving boards. In 1846, the first 440-yard swim race was held in Australia, which has been running every year since. The Metropolitan Swimming Club of London was founded in 1869 and later renamed the Professional Swimming Association, which was in fact the board of the British Professional Swimming Association. National swimming federations were formed in several European countries from 1882 to 1889.

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