Marinas are originally referred to as complexes that have a dedicated pond and docks usually floating on the water, intended for the maintenance of luxury recreational vessels, and are different from harbors where work ships or cargo ships, etc. are located. . Basically, the marina is the luxury side of the harbor and is only for maintenance and servicing of personal and recreational luxury vessels.

Neva Yacht Club

Neva Yacht Club is a yacht club located in Saint Petersburg, near the Neva River. This is the first and oldest yacht club not only in Russia but also in the world, which was founded on April 12, 1718 by Tsar Peter. The flag, which was the official symbol of New Russia, was given to the club by Peter, but because Peter had taken over the entire responsibility of the club, after his death, all activities of the club were stopped. The date of its establishment is known as the oldest date of the club’s establishment. The reason why the Russian emperor did not consider this club to be a reasonable yacht club is that two years later, in 1920, the yacht club was built in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland and was introduced as one of the oldest yacht clubs.

This is perhaps the initial definition of Marina. But today, some marinas that have a large beach space, apart from serving the owners of luxury vessels, also have a section for sports and marine entertainment. They also provide services to tourists and fans of these activities. The reason for this is that according to the infrastructure required for the construction of a marina (such as breakwaters and floating docks), it is easy to have a marine entertainment club next to the marina. Of course, this work is possible by slightly changing the environment and building a changing room and providing some sea sports equipment. This is while most of the infrastructural requirements of a professional marine recreation club have already been met in the construction of the marina, and this is why marine recreation clubs located in marinas are much more professional and equipped than others.

What is the resort called?

In the tourism dictionary, a resort is a place or a set of tourism services built for accommodation, recreation, rest and vacation. According to the geographical location where they are built, the resorts have different characteristics and provide different services and entertainment. Some resorts are forested, some are mountainous, some are amusement parks or amusement parks in the middle of cities, and some are coastal. In this article, we will review beach resorts.

Beach resorts are collections that are located on the shore of a sea or lake or other similar places, and their service focus is on providing accommodation, sea sports, beach recreation, beach resort, beach restaurants and coffee shops, etc.

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