Boating means the height of excitement of a water sport, boating means enjoying the sea and not getting wet.

There are different types of boats, from the simple ones that are just a means of transportation to the touristic and luxury types that will leave a heartwarming memory.

Join A&M Water Sports to sail the sea with luxury London boats.

Luxury and modern recreational boats are a part of life and entertainment, expensive and unique to the sea, which has its own fans. Fans such as singers and actors and perhaps the world’s famous football players, many of whom spent time choosing their pleasure boat and participating in this exhibition.

Thousands of people from all over the world came to this exhibition to see the latest models of beautiful boats.

Introduction of the exhibition

This exhibition, which was open for 10 days, included all kinds of recreational boats from around the world.

Boats such as the 10m model recreational boat, which is so big, cannot be placed under the roof of the exhibition, while the smaller models that were offered at lower prices could be bought by other people. Of course, if they have a budget of 2 million pounds saved.

The exhibition was held in the center of England, i.e. London, and 90 of the newest and most equipped pleasure boats being built in the world and a large number of existing models and different brands were displayed in it.

The exhibition is held from 7th to 17th of February every year and during it almost all these boats are sold. The area of this exhibition is about 725 thousand square meters. which includes more than 300 different booths.

Attractive facilities of the exhibition for visitors

The possibility of resting in the exhibition is provided by rest stations with different and beautiful colors, and the conditions are provided so that visitors can easily and closely touch the boats. This makes the visitors who cannot afford to buy these luxury boats, at least have a unique experience to see them in their dreams.

Consider a very spacious dining area with large glass tables on which there are plenty of disposable dishes and water.


In addition to large pleasure boats that are sold even with prices of around 16 million pounds and smaller boats with a price of around 2 million pounds, you can also get all kinds of accessories for boats. In addition to this, you can find various other devices such as watercraft for water skiing, jet skis and even children’s scooters that allow them to move like dolphins on the water.

In addition, you can find equipment such as real and small submarines for underwater tours here.

If you don’t have enough money, you can search for a jet ski rental in Toronto or even a boat rental in Toronto.

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