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Sentimental Journey: $975,000

The Sentimental Journey boat, built in 1983 by the marine investment company Lloyds, is a 37-meter-long motor boat made of aluminum. Decorations with interior taste are the work of Hampton Interior Decoration Company and are designed in a way that is both beautiful and comfortable. This boat has a capacity of 12 guests and 6 crew members. This boat is equipped with two Gardner engines, each of which produces 250 horsepower. This boat moves at a speed of 9 knots and can reach a maximum speed of 10 knots, which makes this boat a suitable vehicle for comfortable and long trips. In 2009, Delta Cruises underwent major changes and upgrades.

Clarissa: 884 thousand dollars

Clarissa yacht, which is 32 meters long, has an engine and an aluminum body. It was built in 1977 by the Pool Schaaf company, and after the American company “All Seafarers” bought it in 1999, it added about 5 meters to the length of the original structure, and it was renovated and repainted. Throughout its life, this boat has had a full-time crew and has been regularly repaired and renovated, giving you peace of mind on long-distance voyages. In 2008, this boat safely crossed the Atlantic Ocean and traveled from America to Greece. Among other special features, Clarissa has a beautiful main deck, two smaller aft decks, one open and one glass, and finally a huge flybridge, making this boat the perfect vehicle for entertaining your guests. Another good thing is that it is economical to buy at the price of 884 thousand dollars and burns only 100 liters of diesel per hour in its twin Detroit Diesel engine that has 650 horsepower.

Mr. Ed: $875,000

Built in 1991 by an Italian boat building company called Maiora, Mr. Ed’s yacht was completely refitted in 2009, meaning he is now ready to sail like the day he left the factory. He came out and was thrown into the water, splitting the chest of the sea. This boat has a Detroit 16V92TA diesel engine that can move at a maximum speed of 22 knots. Mr. Ed has a capacity of 8 guests and 3 crew members. Its master bedroom has a double bed, private bathroom, and a jacuzzi and is directly connected to the main hall of the boat with a private staircase. There is a VIP room with a king-sized bed and an internal bathroom, and two other luxurious twin bedrooms are also installed in it.

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