If you have been following our content in recent weeks, you have probably noticed that this time we intend to introduce several luxury boats that will be used a lot in the future.

According to the high prices of these boats, you can search for a boat rental in Toronto or even a jet ski rental in Toronto.

Today it’s time to introduce you to another number of these attractive boats. Stay with us.

4. Oculus Yacht

This 87-meter yacht was designed by E. Kevin Schopfer, the founder of Schopfer Yachts Company after launching his first boat design workshop. Its exterior looks like a sea creature or a fish, and in general, it has a beautiful and dramatic appearance. Almost like some of the things seen in James Bond movies. This boat is designed to magnificently host up to 14 guests and its speed reaches up to 21 knots.

This boat is more immersed in the water than similar boats, and Schopfer purposely incorporated this issue in this boat so that passengers can enjoy more comfort when using water toys or doing water sports. Inside the boat, there is a two-story dining room, a central staircase (with an elevator installed next to it) and exemplary lighting. The living and sleeping rooms are designed to be spacious and provide a safe private space between the halls and decks.

3. Glass Haute Yacht

Lujac Desautel is the designer who implemented the design of this boat belonging to the future. The glass structure of the central structure provides a 360-degree view of the ocean for guests from each of the rooms. When entering the boat – due to its magnificent and shining staircase – such splendor and glory reaches the eyes of every viewer that cannot be described. Each of the three classes of the boat are considered and designed for private use. The second floor of this boat includes a bedroom, a dining room and a bar for drinking, with a special piano installed next to it, and it seems that all these structures are floating in the water.

The design of this yacht by Desautel was done for a special person who, although he is definitely a great and well-known musician, his identity as the owner of this magnificent boat is not revealed.

2. Trilobis 65

Trilobis 65 is like a boat with an underwater house for the future. There are many documents in hand that many famous architects of the world have always sought to find ways to build underwater structures and the possibility of implementing such plans. Some of them have implemented plans in this direction. The Trilobis 65 boat provided the most reliable design of a boat with this feature, but the estimated cost of $4 million has somewhat delayed the implementation of this design.

Designed by the Giancarlo Zema design group in 2001, this magnificent yacht has amazing features including the most up-to-date technologies such as energy production with diverse methods that allow it to operate with fossil fuels, solar energy and solar cells.

Its four-story structure, which has one floor located under water, has provided its passengers with the opportunity to see what is happening under the sea. The upper floors include bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and control rooms.

1. Floating Utopia Yacht

Island Yacht Design Company was hard at work on the City of Desires boat design project to design a boat that was more than just a luxury yacht. This boat was designed in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee. The website of this company writes about this boat: “This is not a vehicle to sit in and go on a trip, but a place where we want to stay.” We also agree with this opinion. Because this structure, having 11 decks, has enough space to accommodate many passengers who are its guests on the water.

The size of this boat makes it possible to use it in a variety of ways. Market and shopping center, residential hotel, commercial complex, meeting center, etc. Although a billionaire with little wisdom prefers to spend his money on buying his second, third or fourth house instead of buying this boat, we will see in the future who are looking to buy the city of dreams.

A glimpse of its interior will open your eyes to a city floating on water. This boat is almost 100 meters long and its width is amazing. At the top of the eleventh floor of the structure is a deck that provides guests with a 360-degree view of the sea at that breathtaking height.

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