If you have been with us in the last two weeks, you are probably familiar with this series of our writings. Today we want to write the third part for you. You can use the following list to read the previous episodes:

6. Adastra Yacht

This eye-catching yacht was designed by the famous yacht designer John Shuttleworth. After publishing the design of this boat, International Yachting Media wrote: “When you look at the Adastra, you are looking at the future of yacht design.” The man is a designer genius and won the most innovative design award at the 2013 Superyacht Awards Festival. It was held in Monaco. The reports of this exhibition showed that everyone who saw this 45-meter yacht wished to have the opportunity to ride it. We hope that we can have this opportunity too.

It is said that its three-piece design is intended to be used as much as possible by adventurers with sea experience, although many owners of such boats also take an expert crew with them for the trip. The highest eye-catching features and amenities are installed in this boat. Its fuel consumption has been optimized according to aerodynamic and engineering considerations compared to traditional pleasure boats, and in fact, it uses one seventh of similar traditional boats.

5. Exhibitionist Yacht

This 82 meter yacht was designed by Edward Gray so that it can be used to show everything. That’s why they named it as a display. This boat can be used as a beautiful personal boat or it can be used for a small conference or meeting. Inside and outside of this boat, you see only splendor and beauty. Its polished curves make its modern design stand out more and from a distance it looks like one of the ultra-modern boats used in the recently made movie titled Moving Idols.

The interior includes a Steinway grand piano, twin staircases, a master suite, and baccarat-style lighting. In this boat, you can even have the experience of starting a small market. For this purpose, the partitions in the boat, which have beautiful shading, can be used to divide the interior space (viewing system). This division provides private spaces where entry and exit can be made dependent on the use of fingerprints of the person who is allowed to travel in that restricted space.

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