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9. Jazz Yacht

The 195-foot (65-meter) boat is one of five boats Zaha Hadid’s is building in London, designed by world-renowned yacht designers Blohm & Voss. Based on the description provided on Hadid’s website, the design of this product was inspired by underwater ecosystems and water currents there.

Zaha, who is an architect herself, explains: “In the design of a yacht as a moving object that is in a moving environment, one must consider components that go beyond the components that we use in architecture. All this makes the efficiency of such a boat on the water to increase infinitely. Each boat is an engineered deck that is built to serve specific hydrodynamic features and structural needs, while taking into account the highest level of comfort, environmental quality and safety.

8. Tropical Island Yacht

Yacht Island Design, a yacht design company based in London, has named its luxurious and brilliant boat designs “floating beds” and their goal is to produce completely new boats and completely original yachts. It seems that they have succeeded in their work. So far, they have released five different designs of five magnificent boats, and all five versions have been able to play the taste of their special customers well. A tropical yacht has different features. Some of its magnificent features include cabanas that surround a pool where swimmers can view the sea water from the clear bottom of the pool, and a man-made volcano that sits between two decks adorned with beautiful staterooms. The balcony of the boat has a living room with a spectacular view, and behind it a beautiful artificial waterfall gently roars.

As you read, this boat is equipped in every way and anyone who wants to spend a vacation or live on this tropical island has been provided with everything he wants.

7. Futuristic Cronos Yacht

Two students, Simone Madella and Lorenzo Breselli, designed the Cronos yacht and were honored at the Millennium Yacht Design Awards. Cronos boat is designed using high-caliber woodworking methods to make it look flawless and its exterior and interior are captivating and beautiful. This karji is made with the importance of reducing the production of unnecessary pollution in pleasure boats.

Designers have thought that many superyachts have become more like flats that float on water, and as a result, are anchored and ground more than they are useful. Cronos boat is mostly a boat designed for fun and exploration on the water. Its unusual construction has made it possible for it to continue its movement with both wind and engine power.

According to the high prices of these yachts, you can search for a boat rental in Toronto or even a jet ski rental in Toronto.

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