Many believe that if you do not see Kish in the spring days and the peak of its beauty, half of life will perish. That is why traveling to Kish is included in the spring travel plan of many tourists. Travel program?! Yes, it is better when you travel to an island with so much variety and beauty; Plan everything you need to see, the entertainment you should experience, and even the restaurants you should eat at. The first step is to have useful information about Kish, you can take it here and up and down the travel guide to the island of pearls well.

How to go to Kish?

To go to Kish, the way of earth and sky is open to you. Plan for whichever you want to choose:

Travel to Kish by plane

Aren’t you bored of the hassles of a long-distance trip or a long drive? In this case, it is better to choose the easiest way, which is a plane ticket to Kish. Fortunately, most cities in Iran fly to Kish and you can board a plane at the airport of departure and get off at Kish airport. By plane you will be only an hour and a half away, and upon arrival, if you have an airport shuttle, your transfer will take place at your hotel.

Where should we look in Kish?

Maybe it is better to say where not to look in Kish! There are so many places of interest and entertainment in Kish that you can plan a trip of a few weeks for them. Although due to work and daily life, few people have time for a long program, but in a week or less you can touch a piece of this beautiful paradise. For example, one of the best pastimes on the island is jet skiing.

Kish Diving Center

At the Kish Diving Center, right behind the Shayan Hotel, there is a world of exciting water sports that you may not have even heard of. For example, what entertainment? Recreational diving, jet skiing, water skiing, flyboarding, submarine scooter, Banana air tube, shuttle and parasail air tube.
For example, in water skiing, you start a special ski and a motor vehicle pulls you on the water at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.
In Flyboard, you experience being a dolphin! How? You attach a board to your feet attached to a jet ski. This jet ski keeps you suspended in the air and then pumping and pressurizing water takes you this way and that. Now you can do dramatic moves just like a dolphin,

  • Submarine scooter is suitable for those who are full of desire to travel and explore the underwater world, but do not know how to swim and do not dare to dive. Ride a device that looks like an electric scooter, and go sightseeing,
  • In the air shuttle tube or the same shuttle ride, you ride the tubes that are connected to a fast boat. The boat pulls you fast on the water and you may even fall into the water. Do not worry about security issues!
  • You may not have heard the name Banana Tube. This exciting water sport is just like shuttle riding. The only difference is that you ride on banana-shaped tubes and are dragged on the water by a fast boat. The Banana Body Tube is a team sport with excitement, and being in the same group doubles the fun.

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