There are many water sports that you can do in Phuket. From water sports such as water skiing, air sports such as parasailing and even underwater activities such as diving, but in the end the easiest sport and one of the most fun is always jet skiing. This sport is very popular and generally available in Thailand at a very reasonable price. That’s why we’ve put together a complete guide on how to do it, where you can ride, and prices, so you can safely go on an exciting ride on a Thailand tour to Phuket.

Where to ride

Almost every big beach in Phuket has full facilities for jet skiing. This recreation is so popular that when you step onto the first beach, you will encounter a large number of jet skis, both on the beach waiting for customers and in the water, under the feet of passengers. Of course, before you get on them, you will be given a life jacket and given information on how to drive and the route you should take so you don’t ride too close to the swimmers.

Currently, the number of companies that are legally engaged in offering jet skis to travelers in Phuket reaches about 200 companies, of which about 100 are in Patong and the rest are in Bang Tao, Kamala, Karon and the beautiful Kata Beach. Be sure to look for the labels that show legal documents before you buy a jet ski and then rent a jet ski. Finally, if you still have doubts about going to a particular place, we will introduce you to the three important beaches below, where several companies rent jet skis:

Pa Tong Beach

Patong Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket and there are many hotels and resorts around it. For this reason, many people go to this place in all days of the year, and several important jetski rental companies also operate there. A very beautiful beach but always crowded.

Kata Beach

But Kata Beach is perhaps the most famous like Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe in Canada(you can search for a jet ski rental in Toronto there). One of the most beautiful beaches in the region, which is one of the first choices of all tourists due to its large sandy area and crystal water. A large number of companies are always on this beach to rent jet skis so that you can safely rent and ride in the beautiful sea of this beach.

Kamala beach

Kamala beach can be a good choice for vacation days; Because during these days, Patong beach becomes too crowded and this beach, which is located near it and does not lack anything in terms of beauty and not in terms of facilities, can be considered as a relatively quieter place.

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