In last week’s article, we briefly explained the performance of this jet ski. Today we want to express this issue in detail for you dear ones.

Speed up by reducing the level of contact with water

In SAE DOO jet ski to accelerate the water, gasoline engines with different powers are used and are available for use in different dimensions with different powers.

In jet skis, in order to increase the speed, an attempt has been made to minimize the level of contact of the jet ski with water.

Grooves are also installed in the bottom for better water passage so that water can easily pass through these grooves and does not cause resistance while moving.

Technical specifications of Sea-Doo GTR 230 jet ski

It’s time to always draw the technical specifications of the product first and then briefly describe each one.

The specifications of SAE DOO jet ski are as follows:

  • Engine type: three-cylinder linear (four-stroke)
  • Cylinder volume: 1360 cc
  • Power: 300 hp
  • Lighter: Electronic starter
  • Fuel tank capacity: 60 liters
  • Load storage compartment: 116 liters
  • Country of manufacture: Canada

Sea-Doo GTR 230 Jet Ski Engine

The engine used in this product is compatible with all European standards.

Low consumption, high power, durable and durable

A gasoline engine with a cylinder capacity of 1630 cc, which indicates its high power.

Consumption controlled by the SAE DOO jet ski injection system makes it a low-power, high-power product.

All three cylinders are linear and next to each other. And in making its engine, the best alloys have been used with the support of modern science and technology.

A unique design that you will only see in Sea-Doo jet ski.

All digital control

In the construction of the SAE DOO jet ski, all parts of this device have been fully electronic for ease of use and to increase the level of customer satisfaction. All controls are even redirected by command with electronic commands. Although the steering wheel is classically mounted on this device, electronic sensors have been used to redirect it. You turn the steering wheel to both sides, but this rotation is sensed by the electronic sensors built into the steering wheel, which direct the water outlet to change direction.

This product is made in Canada and is required to meet the highest standards of the day to be offered to global markets. So, it is a good option for jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada.

Shop with peace of mind and make sure that the product you buy is completely original and durable.

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