Superyachts are a symbol of luxury living for the super rich, with many spending upwards of £100 million on these beautiful vessels.

Last summer, Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour unveiled his 525-foot floating giant, which is so big it barely fits inside the team’s Etihad Stadium. The £500 million yacht has 40 cabins for 48 guests and four entertainment decks, including a large outdoor area connected to the swimming pool and clubhouse, as well as two helipads. But this billionaire has a tough competition with those whose jobs are related to football.

From Ronaldo’s 5.5 million pound boat to David Beckham’s ship named “Seven”; These are the most luxurious symbol of wealth and luxury on the waves.

Grande, a boat with 6 bathrooms (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Cristiano Ronaldo bought the £5.5m, 88ft Azimut Grande in 2020 and named his new toy after a family holiday around the Italian coast. With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for fiancee Georgina Rodriguez and their five children to enjoy. A modern galley and two lounge areas, a large saloon and a luxurious dining room are also found inside this large yacht. In terms of specifications, it has the ability to reach 28 knots thanks to two 1900 horsepower engines and is made of carbon fiber weighing 93 tons.

Super Seven of 5 million pounds (David Beckham)

Seven, named after soccer legend David Beckham’s famous jersey number as well as his daughter’s middle name Harper, is a 100-foot motorboat that reaches a top speed of 30 knots. The five staterooms can accommodate 10 guests plus four crew, and an insider told The Sun: “This boat is stylish for all tastes. He helped design this boat himself and is truly professional in everything he does.” David and Victoria bought the Italian-made yacht in 2021 for £5 million and made their maiden voyage around Florida in January.

533-foot Eclipse with a 50-foot pool (Roman Abramovich)

At 533 feet, the Russian oligarch’s yacht is the second largest yacht in the world and is worth an estimated £600 million. It has a 50-foot pool that can be turned into a dance floor and a 184-foot owner’s deck. Eclipse can accommodate 36 guests in 18 suites, along with 70 crew, and the master suite is protected by bulletproof glass and armor plating. The boat has two helipads and even a small submarine so the former Chelsea owner can dive 150 feet under the sea.

In the middle of last year, Abramovich was sanctioned by the British government due to his connections with the dictator Vladimir Putin. He reportedly moved his yachts to a safe harbor in Tivat, Macedonia to avoid seizure.

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