In this article, we explore the world of ultra-powerful speedboats and magnificent luxury yachts that, like supercars, defy all limitations and perform gloriously; So as always, let’s put on our best house clothes and enjoy some window shopping.

Cigarette 41 Nighthawk AMG Black Series

The current flagship of the 730 hp high-performance AMG GT series named Black Series has once again rekindled the relationship between Mercedes-Benz and Cigarette Racing. This is the 13th product from this alliance that started in 2007. The Miami firm’s superior engineering efforts have resulted in a 41-foot speedboat that offers flawless performance, luxurious amenities and eye-catching style.

The developers achieved a very low center of gravity by using a full carbon fiber deck and a full carbon fiber hardtop. The Cigarette 41 series nighthawk AMG black is the first model in this class to have five excellent racing outboard motors; That means five 450r 4.6 0 v8 engines from Mercury Racing, which produce 2,250 horsepower and are controlled through an advanced shade throttle system. It can reach a speed of 78 knots or 90 mph.


Foiler is a 32-foot watercraft with a wooden carbon fiber hull and revolutionary flying technology, based in the UAE and the National Marine Builders, who create glamorous yachts to please the luxury preferences of local financiers. The boat’s diesel-electric propulsion system is originally sourced from BMW, however, the latest propulsion configuration is represented by two V8 diesel engines powering the boat’s torpedoes with a combined output of 740 horsepower in cruise settings.

The yacht makes 18 knots, but in hydrofoil-only mode, rises 5 feet above the water and reaches a top speed of 40 knots. Switching between modes takes only a few seconds with the push of a button, while carbon fiber hydrofoils ensure stability even in the environment. The 10-foot waves are equipped to the highest luxury standards of the foiler available in three designs, but the customer can order a custom build.

Sunseeker Predator 55 EVO

The UK-based luxury yacht builder continues to rely on performance and rotary style to attract new buyers. Just as they did with their first yachts launched more than 50 years ago. The latest product that represents the Sunseeker ideology is the advanced Hunter 55 Evo. Despite its low profile, the Sport Cruiser has an aggressive low-profile body, sloping windshield, black cabin top and plenty of stainless steel trim.

The performance-oriented look doubles the fun with comfortable seating for you and your partner, a wide coffee table under the carbon fiber sunroof and a U-shaped sun lounger on the deck. Do not lack in the pleasures of creatures. The lounge also features the sunseeker av zoning system, which allows you to listen to different music in different places on the boat. This hunter is powered by two Volvo Penta t11 engines that provide strong and responsive steering even at speeds of 28 knots.

We will continue this fascinating discussion in the coming weeks. If you can’t afford a yacht, we suggest searching for a boat rental in Toronto or jet ski rental in Toronto.

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