Boats have different types and classifications and have different designs and types based on different water environments (water types) used.

  • Boats for calm waters
  • Boats for open water
  • Boats for rough waters

Kayaks, which are one of the most popular water sports along with jet ski rentals in Toronto, have various uses:

  1. Pleasure boats (for the purpose of tourism and recreation)
  2. Sports boats (for the purpose of competition and sports training)
  3. Search and rescue boats (for the purpose of rescue and rescue in sea, flood, river, etc.)
  4. Boats for exploratory trips (with the aim of long-term trips, research, adventure, etc.)

Calm water rowing is one of the rowing sports that is done in lakes or stagnant water. Paddle boats used in calm waters are kayaks, canoes, rowing and dragon boats.

Calm water kayaking competitions are held in 1, 2 and 4 person categories. In the past, 6 and 8 people were also used, which is no longer done now.
Kayaks are light, narrow and unbalanced boats with little seating space. In fact, this boat has a small open space, called the seat, where the boatman sits. The kayak is steered by a rudder. In official competitions, there are three types of kayak races for men and women, single kayak, two person kayak and four person kayak. For all types of kayaks, the width of the boat must be flat and not placed on a concave hull.

Single kayaks

The single-person competition kayak is a maximum length of 520 cm, there is no limit to the width of the boat. Also, the minimum weight of a single person kayak is 12 kg. Some names of old and new kayak models are:
Lancer, Lancer X, Cleaver, Cleaver X, Tiger, Eagles, Woodpecker, Talent, Mistral, Zeus, Speed, Super Sonic, Orca, Scar Pion, Iriaz, Warrior and Athene.

Double kayaks

Olympic two-person kayaks are 650 cm long at most. These types of boats are similar to single-person kayaks in terms of shape and parts.
Olympic two-person kayaks are 130 cm longer than single-person kayaks, which provides more space for the rower to sit. There is no limit to the width of the boat in this type of boat.
The distance between two rowers is approximately 150 cm. The minimum weight of a two-person kayak is 18 kg. Some of its model names are:
Maker, Pacer, Regina and Destroyer, Ultrasonic, Eureka and Thunder.

Four person kayaks

Four-person types of kayaks are 1,100 cm long. There is no limit to the width of the boat in these boats either.
It is important to note that structural strength is important for four-person kayaks. Also, special attention should be paid to the transportation and storage of these boats. Because of the space occupied by the four seats of this type of boat, they lose a lot of flexibility and longitudinal bending. The greater flexibility of these boats makes them take a banana shape and sink more into the water. Therefore, increasing the wave causes more resistance and lower speed. In general, four-person kayaks weigh 30 kg. The names of some of its famous designs are listed below:
Condor, Wiener, Commander, Starlight and Sonic Jet.

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