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13 exciting water sports that you must experience on your trip to Bali

Flying fish

This one has become famous as the newest water fun these days. A very interesting activity that is similar to parasailing, except that instead of a parachute, you ride a series of special inflatable boats that rise into the air as the boat moves. It may sound a bit strange, but it will undoubtedly be full of excitement.

Diving with a scooter

There are certain scooters that act as a small underwater scooter by virtue of having an oxygen capsule and a propulsion engine. You get on these special scooters and go underwater and patrol underwater with the ease of driving a motorbike on land. Of course, don’t worry, there will always be a skilled caretaker watching over you.

Jet skiing and water skiing

Water skiing is one of the oldest and at the same time the most fun water sports that you can try anywhere in Bali and its price is not too high and its cost of 20 dollars is insignificant compared to many other activities on our list. Jet ski engines are also an indicator of your presence and you should know that countless of them are active in Bali and you can use them. Due to the large number of jet skis, in recent years the rental price has been very low and now it is considered one of the cheapest water activities. This recreation is one of the recreations that you can do in Canada. Just look for a jet ski rental in Toronto! You can easily book the time you want.

Wake boarding

In many ways, this sport is quite similar to water skiing, except that it is very simple to do and does not require any training. Right after putting on the life jacket and packing the necessary equipment, you are tied to the back of the motor boat and start having fun. Large ski boards make steering very easy and reduce the pressure on the back muscles to a great extent.

Deep and shallow diving

Bali is as beautiful on land as it is under water. Almost everyone who has dived in the waters of Bali will tell you this. But if you are worried about the training and difficulty of diving, you are completely wrong. Diving tours are organized for the whole family and your entire underwater training will not even take half an hour. If you’re going snorkeling, teenagers can join you for a family experience with the colorful fish of Bali.

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