If you are also interested in Taiga Motors jet skis, we suggest you read last week’s article first. Last week we explained a little about this jet ski. Most jet skis have very high fuel consumption. Taiga Motors electric jet ski not only has this feature, but it is also light and powerful.

Taiga Motors ORCA electric jet ski review; Experience real speed on water

Light and powerful

Taiga Motors has made three versions of Orca available to buyers; The basic version of 90 horsepower is called “Orca Sport”. The second is a high-performance model called “Performance” that has 160 horsepower and can be purchased in more diverse colors than the base model. And thirdly, a carbon version, which is considered the most expensive version of Orca and offers the same 160 horsepower power along with less weight. The Founders Edition sample we reviewed is also now completely sold out.

Internal combustion jet skis usually have between 100 and 150 horsepower; Therefore, the high performance version of Orca is considered among the most powerful jet skis on the market today.

The manufacturer has considered three different driving modes for the Orca: Range, Sport and Wild. Unfortunately, the Founders Edition sample did not have a wild mode, but we could use two modes, range and sport. In Range mode, Taiga has limited the Orca’s engine power to 53 horsepower for a series of safety reasons; Therefore, it cannot be expected to explode the water level. Of course, this is clear from the name of this mode; Because it focuses on increasing the range of the jet ski’s travel distance and charging it more.

Despite the slowness of the Range mode, the Sport mode really brings fast performance to the Orca. Even though the sport mode does not allow the driver to access all 160 horsepower, its output power is still more than enough and induces a great sense of excitement during high-speed driving. The output of sport mode is only 90 horsepower. The Orca’s terrific initial acceleration and high torque made us feel as if we were driving a filthy Tesla Model S!

Fortunately, Orca’s excellent performance is not limited to a straight line, and this jet ski exhibits agile and light behavior in turns. If you consider the fact that the Orca uses a 24 kWh battery, you will see that the achievement of Taiga Motors is truly admirable.

The new standard in jet skiing

Speed, range and power are being displayed by the Jet Ski on a 7-inch HD display. Fortunately, Orca does not create any special complications for the user due to the benefit of the electric drive. Just like a regular jet ski, you pull the right handle towards you and move. The left handle is also used to go back. You can try it when you want to search for a jet ski rental in Toronto.

Of course, there is also a small difference; While gas jet skis have a gear shifter, the Orca lacks this feature and instead you can only take your hand off the jet ski’s throttle. Of course, being electric creates another important difference, and that is the absence of jet ski engine noise. All you will hear is the sound of the wind and the Orca hitting the surface of the water. Fortunately, the Orca has a decent amount of cargo space. The cargo space in front of this jet ski is about 56 liters and if needed, the driver can also use a small central dashboard in front of him.

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