Recently, a Brooklyn-based company called Tarform is looking to bring the fast and exciting spirit of its Luna electric motorcycle to the water, and has taken a step towards producing an electric jet ski.


According to A&M Water Sports, the design of this water machine, which is more like a piece of art, was inspired by manta rays that have been roaming the oceans for millions of years. This model named Raye PWC is in the form of a piece of molten metal and has slippery and shiny surfaces with a maximum power of 120 horsepower.


The design of this jet ski is unique and shines in almost every square inch of its surface. Wide and wrinkled nose, headlights like human eyes, smooth and natural curves throughout the body and tail, show a completely modern design. But the company points out that the current design is in the conceptual stage and eventually the appearance and specifications of the production version may change.

Engine and power

Currently, applications are connected to an all-electric drive system that provides instant torque and acceleration up to a top speed of 80 km/h. Tarform company will offer two different types of power for this jet ski, which will be between 70 and 120 horsepower and one to two hours of battery operation.

Smart features

The Raye will also have the same smart features as the Luna motorcycle, with the same circular digital display style, integrated sensors, machine learning and over-the-air updates. According to A&M Water Sports, the jet ski features a 3.4-inch round display with connectivity. It uses 4G to inform users of driving criteria and maintenance diagnosis.

Structural material

According to A&M Water Sports, Tarform also plans to offer the Raye with the buyer’s choice of a recycled carbon fiber or plant-based composite body. The company estimates the price of this product at US$68,000, but notes that the sales timeframe has not been determined.

Are there other electric jet skis?

Of course yes! We previously introduced an article about the Taiga Motors electric jet ski and talked about it in detail to familiarize you with its features and structure.

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