Last week we talked about the different uses and types of kayaks. Kayaking is one of the exciting water sports that has attracted the attention of many people along with jet ski rentals in Toronto.

Kayak parts

Kayak seat

In fact, the seat is a part of the boat from which rowing is done. So it can be said that the seat is one of the essential components of the kayak. The important thing is that the seats of these boats are rarely comfortable and are usually made of wood or fiberglass or a combination of these two materials. A standard kayak seat has three parts: platform, support and seat.
The normal height of the seat is about 5 cm according to the bottom of the boat. If the seat is low, the boater feels more balanced, and on the contrary, when it is higher, the boat is less stable. The seat may be flat or slightly raised towards the back. However, the seat should be adjusted in such a way that the rower feels comfortable.

Types of kayaks

Wooden boats

Before fiberglass boats were made, wooden boats were the most common and high-quality kayaks. A wooden boat requires special, expensive and quality wood. The construction of this boat took between three weeks and a month, and the construction of light wooden boats was a part of this art that could only be done by the efforts of experienced and skilled craftsmen. Another disadvantage of wooden boats is their very delicate maintenance and handling. There is a common saying that these types of boats get damaged very quickly and are very difficult to repair.

Fiberglass boats

Fiberglass kayaks and canoes are light weight and strong. Both have good quality and good technical level. These boats are made for various purposes such as competitions, training and sailing schools. Fiberglass type boats are also vulnerable and need more care during use.

Carbon or composite boats

Using materials such as carbon and composites and combining them with fiberglass is a new trend. These materials have the same benefits as fiberglass, but are stronger, lighter, and much more expensive. Polyester is damaged if it is exposed to water and ultraviolet rays, especially sea water. For this purpose, this type of boat is covered through a protective outer layer and another inner layer. Therefore, proper maintenance of these layers is effective during the useful life of the boat.

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